Are you ready to gain an advantage in your search for a high-growth investment property?

The Viking Property Investor Package process involves sourcing quality home designs in blue-chip locations to ensure that our clients create and hold wealth through their residential property investment.

Our 12 years of experience in the industry means that we have the expertise to pinpoint locations with a strong history of long-term growth, a shortage of land supply, multiple drivers for ongoing future growth and consistent rental markets.

Plus, our extensive industry connections allow us to help you source the most affordable house and land packages in these locations, ensuring your new investment is completed on budget and to a standard that will command the highest rental returns.

Viking Property - affordable house and land packages for investors

New construction offers many great incentives to property investors, including having a brand new home that will command premium rent, and many tax benefits which can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket. BUT, it also presents several challenges, especially to busy people such as yourself.

That’s why smart investors use our services – our new home building process manages every aspect of the project from design and plans through to contract and handover. We ensure that all of the important elements of your new investment are covered and you can be involved in the process as much – or as little – as you like.

So, what’s our key focus when we’re searching for the perfect location and design for your next investment property?

Growth Potential: we look at a location and ask what will attract more people to the area to drive up demand. This will include things such as council zoning, infrastructure investment, current building activity, availability of vacant land, gentrification zones, access to transport, and school catchment boundaries.

Rental Prospects: we analyse the rental market, looking at vacancy rates, which property types are in high demand and what inclusions and features are required to attract the right tenant; particularly the street appeal of the property and its security features.

Resale Market: it’s important not just to build a home that appeals to you, but one that will appeal to a wide range of owner/occupiers when it comes time to sell. We look at properties that have sold in the area in the last 6-12 months and also speak with local agents to get an idea of what people want when buying into a particular suburb to ensure your property has the highest resale potential possible.

Obviously, this is just a snapshot of our process: trust me, there is a whole lot more detail that goes into ensuring your rental investment ticks all of your boxes and will also appeal to potential tenants. We work closely with other professionals to get the best advice regarding rent appraisals, depreciation reports and market valuations. When all of this information is collated and combined with the level of financial commitment you’re comfortable with, it can result in you saving thousands of dollars.

If you’re still reading this far, it tells me that you’re keenly interested in building a home for the purpose of investment and that you realise the magnitude of the task ahead and want to find a way to achieve your investment goals with less stress and in a shorter timeframe.

Why work with us? Because we only work with the best house builders, we guarantee that your new investment property will be built to your specifications, with a fixed-price contract and finished to ‘move-in-ready’ standards. Additionally, the property will have the standard six-year structural guarantee, a 12-month structural defect repair warranty and all of the standard appliance warranties in place. You can be confident that upon completion, you’ll never be surprised with unexpected maintenance bills or extensive modifications – simply put it on the market and the property will virtually rent itself.

The question to ask now is this: in 6 months’ time, do you want to be approving rental applications for your new, high-demand investment property? Or would you rather still be trying to find the perfect location, wading through confusing quotes, and spending every Saturday morning shuffling through open house after open house trying to find something that fits your needs and also appeals to the kind of tenant you want to attract?

If you’d prefer to be vetting high quality tenants, the decision now is clear. Fill out the form below, or call us today on 0427 526 348 so we can have a chat about what you’re looking for. Trust me, the time it takes to get in touch will be the best investment you can make if you want to save time and money when building the perfect rental property to suit your needs.